The Ultimate Sacrifice


By leaving Earth for the sake of the human race, Saeed Ghandhari will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. He is a top 100 candidate for the Mars One mission, set to colonise the red planet in 2027. If selected, he will never be allowed to return to Earth.

The Ultimate Sacrifice [2016]

directed by Hunter Williams
featuring Saeed Ghandhari & Sina Ghandhari

cinematography/editing/produced by
Hunter Williams

featuring music from
kylar Grey

2nd camera operator: 
Calum Davies

thanks to
Mars One, Natasha Schön & Lea Jordan
Damian Christie
Anna Williams
Jamie Martini-Tibbs

For more information on the Mars One mission visit:

New Zealand (Auckland): 31st August 2016
United States (Times Square, New York): 8th October 2016

Winner: New Zealand Film Commission Film-making Achievement Award (The Outlook for Someday)
Official Selection: All-American High School Film Festival