The Darkest Tunnel

A young girl is snatched from the streets following a fake job offer. She envisions the important moments of her future fly by as she heads toward a life of exploitation.

Presented by Global Changemakers & Cazador Productions.

The Darkest Tunnel [Coming 2019]

The Darkest Tunnel [Coming 2019]

Writer/Director: Hunter Williams

Executive Producer: Gabriela Jaeger

Executive Producer: Katherine Hermans

Director of Photography: Piu Morapaya

1st Assistant Director: Remy Despesse

Art Director/Makeup: Erica Lane

Assistant Camera: Felix Effinger

Lighting Technician: Suhas Akkasetty

Audio Operator: Joey Siasoco

Concept: Fraser Grut & Hunter Williams

Story Consultants: Rachel Tovey & The Hard Places Community

Aerial Cinematography: Calum Davies

Producer/Editor: Hunter Williams

Composer: Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis